Corporate culture:

1. Keep the utmost honesty to our customers, employees, colleagues, partners and investors. We abide by the ethical standards of a company, so as to gain the respect of all the people we get along with, and make the company famous for keeping its promise and being trustworthy.

2. Keep innovation and spirituality when we create products and services and conduct business, so that we are open to opportunities and progress.

3. Working as efficiently as possible, taking into account cost and quality, we will be able to deliver high-quality products and services on time at a reasonable price and better than our competitors, so as to maintain a more sustainable growth and profitability.

4. All departments of the company give effective support to each other, so as to give full play to the potential of cooperation, prevent anyone from falling behind and help everyone to succeed.

5. Value every employee, respect their personality, give full play to their talents, and entrust them with responsibilities; make them responsible for their work, strive to reach the highest standards, and make positive contributions to the realization of the company's goals.